IFA: All from a single source – Bitronic has gained a foothold in the Service Business for Tablet PCs and Smartphones

With immediate effect, the Company Bitronic, an After Sales-Service Provider in the field of communications technology, bundles up the entirety of its sales related activities in the newly founded corporate unit “Business Development” under the management of Dirk Müller. The Business Development division encompasses the Management for Onsite-Services, Mobile Devices and European Services. „Our overriding objective  revolves around the acquisition of new businesses in the buoyant markets for smart phones und Tablet PCs. Manufacturers and network operators alike are faced with the challenging task of adequately meeting demands and expectations of a discerning customer service. This requires sound competencies and professional expertise in either the field of information technology or in telecommunications. Given the fact that from the very outset our corporation has been well versed, professionally qualified and active in both disciplines, precisely speaking in service management for note books, net books as well as in mobile phones, we deem ourselves technologically well equipped for the role of After Sales-Partner“, says Dirk Müller in his opening statements at Berlin´s Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA). This broad spectrum of competence allows Bitronic to offer a wide range of technologies for the repair of a large number of devices, for workshop spaces, the handling of larger displays, the storage of spare parts as well as for all different variants of logistics for equipment and devices from and to end customers.

One vital point and decisive argument for the net operators is their ability to swap incoming faulty devices to a large extent. „The customer benefits from receiving an as-new replacement device in good condition. The original device will be subjected to a quality assured overhaul while the old personal customer data are being safely and irretrievably deleted. As a matter of fact, IT manufacturers are not actually aware of the significantly heightened effort in services this form of swapping entails. Naturally, the need for advisory and consulting services grows in line with this new scenario, which even includes making predictions with respect to future demands for spare parts”, adds Müller, enumerating a large list of requirements arising therefrom. “The situation is compounded by the integration of modules for UMTS and LTE requiring additional review procedures, which in this form have not been necessary with the conventional notebook repair procedures before”, the Bitronic Manager explains.

With a view to simplifying the repair work of faulty devises for end consumers, Bitronic plans to start an Internet portal as from next year. The portal will also serve to comply more swiftly with customer service demands and expectations. The range includes laptops, mobile phones, smart phones and Tablet PCs. „As soon as the private customer has typed in the failures via an analytical tool he receives price information for the repair service in question. The customer sends the device in and it will be returned to him after approximately five days. As one cannot expect non-technical people to accurately describe the failures occurred, the customer receives information on whether the repair will become more expensive than originally expected or whether it is still worth repairing after all. Only when the customer has given the go-ahead will the faulty device be sent in the workshop. In case the device proves to be beyond repair, we offer environmentally friendly disposal via our recovery partners for electrical and electronic waste”, explains Müller.


1 Response to “IFA: All from a single source – Bitronic has gained a foothold in the Service Business for Tablet PCs and Smartphones”

  1. 1 Brian 6. Oktober 2011 um 16:24

    Congrats for the achievement! I wonder if that is good news for the customers, i hope the internal workflow will as much improved and supervised.

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